Best Colours, Alternative Roofing Tiles and Other Tips for Roofs


Roof Repair | 3 Cautionary Indications of Damaged Roofs

While roofs protect the interiors of your home from all types of damage, every so often they take a beating because of their exposure to harsh natural elements. Noticing signs of damage early and undertaking quick roof repair will ensure that you don’t end up spending a fortune. Ignoring roof damage will turn a small […]

Indications That You May Require Roof Replacement

With the average homeowner, the closest they will come to a roof inspection is glancing at it as they leave the house or come back home. However, this neglect is how homeowners tend to miss the warning signs that indicate repairs. When you miss these signs as they gradually begin to present themselves, the roof […]

Three Common Causes of Residential Roof Leakage

One of the most common problems experienced by homeowners with regard to the building structure is roof leakage. The issue can be costly to resolve in terms of repairs especially when the source is not discovered in time. In addition, you might lose some of your residential assets to water damage. It is important to […]

Debunking the Top 4 Metal Roofing Myths

When it comes to the basic understanding of metal roofing, it is fascinating how clueless some people are. When someone thinks of metal roofing, perhaps the primary thought that comes to mind is the image of an old, rusty barn roof. This article aims to give you a better understanding and appreciation of modern metal […]

Time for a New Roof? How to Pick the Best Colour

You may have recently moved into your new home and be preparing to reroof. While the existing material certainly needs to be attended to, now is the time to select the best roof colour as well. These days, there are a large variety of choices when it comes to picking your roof colour, whether you […]

Rain Harvesters: Five Signs You May Need New Gutters

If you have recently purchased a rain barrel, you may want to consider installing new gutters. New gutters aren’t necessary for everyone who is interested in rain harvesting, but if any of the following statements are true, you probably should consider investing in them: 1. Your gutters are broken or leaky Broken or leaky gutters […]

Important Pre-installation Aspects Of Timber Roof Trusses

The popularity of trusses in the roofing market is mainly attributed to the lower costs in terms of labour and materials compared to the conventional framing alternative. Moreover, they are structurally resilient and can be incorporated in a variety of architectural designs. If you are thinking about using timber roof trusses in your new building, […]

Durable and Dynamic, but No Drums Please: All About Metal Roofing

If a country’s weather was like a person’s personality, Australia would be a bit of a drama queen. Sure, most of the time everything is calm and sunny—reassuringly predictable. But occasionally there are dramatic outbursts that leave you wondering what the heck just happened. Australian weather is famed for its dramatic outbursts, whether it’s intensive […]

3 Surprising Advantages Of Timber-Framed Homes

Timber-framed homes are usually seen as being very rustic and casual, with the exposed beams giving a home a certain charm and open feeling that isn’t typically seen with other types of homes. Many people choose timber-framed homes if they’re selecting a house near a lake or want a more casual look and feel for […]